Instafinish Orbital Sander, 2in1,  Self-Generated Vacuum & None Vacuum all in one machine, KAS-SMARTORBITAl。  We Are Always Perfectly in sync with Painters & Bodymen!

Our 2in1 Vacuum-Ready Random Orbital Sanders are best-in-class tools designed with the operator in mind in addition designed to optimize the performance of Sonbateh abrasives by Instafinish. Built with a powerful, precision-balanced air-driven motor and durable lightweight Plastic housing, Light weigh, these ergonomically designed workhorses stand up to industrial and Automotive  production and reduce user fatigue for hours of comfortable operation. 2in1 central-vacuum-ready sanders can be connected to a central vacuum system or used with an external portable vacuum such as a shop vacuum or baggies. We effectively eliminate dust from the workplace and surrounding space.

Instafinish random orbital sanders optimize sanding and surface preparation on wood, metal, fiberglass and composite materials, and many other substrates. Also known as dual-action palm sanders, these industrial-grade tools rotate the abrasive disc and disc pad in two simultaneous overlapping oval patterns so no single abrasive particle follows the same path twice, producing a random scratch and swirl-free finish ready for paint or varnish. Chose your grit of abrasive responsively for a better finish and faster.


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Instafinish Orbital Sander, 2in1, Self-Generated Vacuum & None Vacuum all in one machine, KAS-SMARTORBITAl

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