Insta Finish Headlight Restorer, yellowed or hazy headlight lenses polish, HLR-12. Got yellowed or hazy headlight lenses? Try out ‘Headlight Restorer’ from InstaFinish. Priced at merely $29.99, this product is not only affordable but unlike most of the other headlight restorer products available in the market, is also remarkably easy to use. However, we do recommend that you apply it with the aid of a machine to get what you expect out of headlight restoration.

Why should you use ‘Headlight Restorer’?

Most of the times when car care products are on your mind, you pick up waxes and polishes, simply forgetting that though these products make your car shiny, they do not make it any less vulnerable to accidents. Anyways, you should think about headlight restoration to:

  • Restore clarity: Over a period of time, the headlight lenses are bound to become yellowed and hazy. In such a situation, you have two options; either, spend hundreds of dollars and look for the replacement, or try restoration; the latter is what our product is meant for.
  • Save money: Yes, you no longer have to replace foggy headlights; in addition, you also do not have to settle for exorbitantly-priced headlight restorer products available elsewhere. We offer a better alternative for just $29.99.
  • Have a safer ride: When restored, your headlight will deliver better luminance, thereby promising better visibility when on road.

How to Restore Headlights PERMANENTLY.

All the headlight restoration kits worked to some degree on at least some headlights, but only the HLR-12 works the best and could be used with all lenses. Further, the HLR-12 product also provided the best and longest-lasting results. 3M provides similar performance at a higher price, but it carries the risk of scratching painted surfaces abutting headlights and should only be used by those comfortable with using power tools. Simply wash your headlight and dry it completely and apply HLR-12 and rub it in using a soft spongy  applicator, then wipe it with a microfiber tower, you do not need to use any sandpaper only HLR-12.


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Insta Finish Headlight Restorer, yellowed or hazy headlight lenses polish, HLR-12

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