Sonbateh Purple Film Glue Back Production Disc, 6 inches, 400 Grit, 100Pes, KAS-1434。 Used for rough feather edging could be used for final sanding of plastic filler and putty. Suggested backup pads KAS-5576 . Abrasive Mineral Type Aluminum Oxide. Color Gray. 100 discs per roll. KAS-1434.

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    Sonbateh Purple Film Abrasives are the standard that shops have turned to for quality, performance, and durability. Our Purple Abrasives are precision coated with high-quality minerals and resins to deliver longer-lasting discs that cut through a variety of surfaces - including paint, primer, fiberglass, metal, and SMC. Sonbateh Purple Film Abrasives produce uniform, consistent finishes. When job quality and productivity matter most, turn to the abrasives that shops have relied on year after year. Packaged Form Boxed of 100 discs.

    For Feather edging and Primer Sanding (Grades 80 - 800)
    These products are designed to provide productivity in a variety of applications from express repair to larger body repair. Use the coarser products for sanding and feather edging filler and putties, and the finer grades for further refinement and primer sanding. Use for shaping plastic filler, removing paint around damaged areas and scratch refinement of bare metal. Suggested backup pads KAS-5576.

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Sonbateh Purple Film Glue Back Production Disc, 6 inches, 400 Grit, 100Pes, KAS-1434

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