Insta Finish Waterless Wash, #1 choice for environment and saving water, 1 Gallon, WW-G. We care for the environment, and if you share the same feeling, try out ‘Waterless Wash’, a unique product from InstaFinish, which can help you conserve water while keeping your car sparkling clean. However, just because our product doesn’t call for the use of water, by no means it is any less effective. In fact, it cleans, shines, and protects the surface of your car; so, when you go for waterless car wash, you do not settle for less; not at all!

Why ‘Insta Finish Waterless Wash’?

There are other products available in the market, but here’s why you should use ours:

  • No water required: The high-lubricity formula of this product ensures that you need not use water for getting rid of dust particles and cleaning your car.
  • Low price.
  • No fuss: One easy application – that’s all it takes to get the desired results.

What you can use it for?

Our product is meant for waterless car wash, but when used, this is what it is supposed to do for you:

  • Enhancement of luster: If you thought only water can do that, it’s time you think again; our product can do it for you without any difficulty.
  • Removal of light oxidation: There’s an easy way to restore the finish of your car’s paint; yes, we are talking about our product only!

To encapsulate, if you want your car to shine without the use of water, go for ‘Waterless Wash’。


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Insta Finish Waterless Wash, #1 choice for environment and saving water, 1Gallon, WW-G

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